Meteorite Detective

The Down2Earth Meteorite Loan Box is the focal point for this activity. Students examine and draw the meteorites, with and without magnification, consider their density and compare them with Earth rocks.

Back Down2Earth Booklet

Back Down 2 Earth (BD2E) is an expansion of the existing Down 2 Earth (D2E) education project which teaches school students aged 11-19 about the geological side to astronomy. In this 46-page booklet you will learn about the wonders of comets and asteroids and the possible destruction that these bodies can cause on planets such as our own.

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What are impact craters?

There are 2 parts to this activity which should both be carried out prior to the Deep Impact mission. The aim of this activity is to learn about the specific features of craters.

Impact effects

Meteorite impacts are devastating events but it is not only the impact itself which causes destruction but the after effects of these phenomena which can be just as catastrophic. From stratigraphic records and accounts of recent impact events we can build up a picture of various resulting disasters encountered when these space rocks collide with the Earth.

Lava Lab!

Investigate the factors that influence the viscosity(runniness) of treacle. How does this relate to the different shapes of volcanoes that can be found on the Earth and on Mars?

Making Regolith

Students will determine the effects of wind, sandblasting and water on regolith formation and deposition on Earth. After discussing whether or not they think that lunar regolith is formed in the same way, the students will simulate regolith formation on the Moon by meteoritic bombardment.