Impact Calculator

The Impact Calculator allows users to explore and visualise the damage effects caused by different types of meteorite impact.

Screenshot of Impact Calculator

To get started, simply drag the sliders to specify the diameter of your asteroid/meteoroid,
the angle at which it will strike the Earth, and its speed.
Then choose what sort of rock you want it to be made of, and what it will crash into.
Drag the slider at the bottom to indicate how close to the crash site you will be standing,
then click “Submit”.

Click on the map to fire your meteor!
Then evaluate the scale of destruction at your chosen destination with the “Crater Depth” and “Data View” tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of Impact Calculator

In Febraury 2013 a meteorite only 20 metres in diameter exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, damaging buildings, injuring hundreds of people and catching the whole world by surprise.
Space agencies across the world are now collaborating to develop the nuclear technology to eliminate asteroids on a collision course with Earth, and continue to tackle the problem of detection and tracking of potentially hazardous asteroids.
But don't panic – the Impact Calculator will also give you an estimate of how often a meteor like yours is likely to fall!